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Best Magazine 2014

Overall winner

The Outpost


I don’t really understand how Ibrahim and the team do it, but I’m very glad they do. Not only do they pull together fantastic writing, photography and design, they also somehow get it past the censors to present a view of the Arab world that feels thrillingly authentic and honest.

Steven Watson Steven Watson
Founder, Stack Magazines


Judges' selection

The Gourmand

Members' choice

The Outpost

Best New Magazine 2014

Overall winner

Weapons of Reason

Weapons of Reason is a mission rather than a medium: it’s an attempt to actually change the world, at least a little bit. The magazine wants to not only explain the most pressing issues facing our planet (and us) in eight issues, but to jolt readers into action, presenting proposals and organisations to get involved in. In my book, that’s a pretty brilliant reason to launch a magazine.

Kati Krause Kati Krause
Editorial Consultant

Judges' selection

The Happy Reader

Members' choice



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