Celebrating the best in magazine publishing from 2014

Best Magazine

Awarded for overall quality in editorial, design and production.


Best New Magazine

Awarded for publishing excellence by a new title.


Nominations are now closed

Magpile members could nominate a magazine for each award.

New winners calculations

This year, the Awards will be decided based on

Magpile member nominations,
judge nominations,
plus usage data from Magpile.com

creating a more complete picture of the year’s most popular magazines, as determined by Magpile’s community.

The Judges

Judges will vote alongside Magpile members, and will determine each award's "Judge's selection" winner.

  • Michael Bojkowski

    Michael Bojkowski

    Editorial Designer

  • Violetta Boxill

    Violetta Boxill

    Co-founder and Creative Director of Alexander Boxill

  • Steven Gregor

    Steven Gregor

    Founder of Gym Class

  • Thorsten Keller

    Thorsten Keller

    Designer, Founder of Coffee Table Mags

  • Kati Krause

    Kati Krause

    Editorial Consultant

  • Jeremy Leslie

    Jeremy Leslie

    Founder of magCulture

  • Stella Richter

    Stella Richter

    Designer, Founder of Magasin

  • Dan Rowden

    Dan Rowden

    Founder of Magpile

  • Steven Watson

    Steven Watson

    Founder of Stack