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21st April 2014, reviewed by Hayli Chwang

I was immediately drawn to the current issue of Wildland by its mesmerising cover, a photo of a lone figure silhouetted against a glowing canyon covered in snow and one of many amazing travel images to be found inside the magazine. What I thought was the edge of a volcano ...



14th April 2014, reviewed by Amy Hughes

I found Popshot Magazine by chance whilst looking for another magazine at my local store. The front cover immediately caught my eye with the quite intriguing illustration on the front. And the word 'journeys' stood out like a sore thumb; I don't think there is anyone in this world who ...


Cereal Magazine

7th April 2014, reviewed by Chris Martin

I have only had volume 5 of Cereal a couple of weeks and it is already war torn, looking like it’s fresh out of the dentists’ waiting room after months of trembling hands zipping through the pages like a flick book. There is a reason for this though; it’s a ...


Mr. Wolf

31st March 2014, reviewed by Tho Keller

Who’s Afraid of Mr. Wolf? Surely not the people behind Mr. Wolf magazine from Australia. It’s rather the opposite. All of them have lived for some time in Scandinavia and obviously got hooked on all things from this region. Laura Phillips wrote in the introduction of the first issue, “a ...



24th March 2014, reviewed by Luke Tonge

When invited to write a magazine review, my mind races through a) what are the mags I’ve most enjoyed over the past few months, b) which mags do I think deserve some extra attention because of the love evident in their pages, and c) which mags are doing their specific ...



19th March 2014, reviewed by Magasin

Adult magazines are mostly not that aesthetic and full of stuff you wouldn't want to get caught reading in public. Talc is different. There certainly are a few other really nice adult magazines, like Tissue, Adult or Extra Extra but Talc is approaching pornography on a whole new level. It ...



11th March 2014, reviewed by Craig

Port screams class from each and every cover, all art directed by Matt Willey. I would ramble on about the superbly balanced typography on display, but even the type-free Michael Shannon cover oozed style and elegance. Maybe it’s the masthead. Maybe it’s because if you’re going to do a “Film” ...


MADE Quarterly

24th February 2014, reviewed by Nathan Adams

Process Journal was a welcome addition to the graphic design magazine landscape when it launched back in 2010. Its focus on just a handful of designers and/or studios per issue gave it a refreshing pace, and the discussion of process made the interviews something worth reading instead of acting as ...


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