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Current Obsession

10th September 2014, reviewed by Magasin

Current Obsession is the name of this special magazine. And obsessed you can easily become. The youth issue is about growing, about becoming who you want to be or who you might be already, about jewelery and how youth is applied. So many beautiful things are in this issue and ...



25th August 2014, reviewed by Chris Martin

This is a review of an already old issue, Kinfolk volume 12, “The Saltwater” issue. When I say “old” I mean that the next—“Imperfect”, volume 13—has begun seeping through social media one-by-one for the last week or two in the form of previews and blinding teasers. But don’t cast this ...



18th August 2014, reviewed by Ivana McConnell

I have to say; when I first received issue four of Perdiz with my Stack subscription, I was a little bit skeptical. Aesthetically, it isn’t what I would normally go for when browsing through an independent bookshop or magazine rack, but I’m glad that I received it for exactly this ...


Hypebeast Magazine

4th August 2014, reviewed by Luke Tonge

I've come to Hypebeast relatively late in the day; this issue—#7, dubbed the 'Legacy' issue—is my first, and it's been in print since 2012. I have however seen cover shots of previous issues before on sites like coverjunkie but just never decided to track down a copy until now. This ...



28th July 2014, reviewed by Barry Duffin

There weren’t any magazines devoted purely to skateboarding in Norway in 2009, when graphic designer Jørn Aagaard, assistant editor Aksel Overskott and editor-in-chief Eirik Traavik began looking for ways to make something a bit more than a zine. They wanted to create something that “their mates could read on the ...



14th July 2014, reviewed by Dan Rowden

The best magazines are ones that present a topic in a way that you don't expect. Acid is a surf magazine, but not as you've seen before. It's a full-fledged modern magazine; an interesting and influencing design, matched with varied, informative content. An item you want to keep on your ...


Ernest (print)

7th July 2014, reviewed by Freddie Harrison

By way of gentle introduction, Ernest started out life in the form of its (now extensive) online presence. Somewhere between the Pinterest boards, the Instagram feed and its own website, Ernest carved out its intentions to be, "a blog, iPad magazine and biannual printed journal for curious and adventurous gentlefolk." ...


Ambit Magazine

2nd July 2014, reviewed by Lucy Harris

Ambit Magazine has been an often-heard name in the literary world. Still going strong after an impressive 50 years of being published, it looks like Ambit will continue to ring in the ears of poet, writer and reader alike. The magazine has seen some famous faces through its editorial doors ...


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