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Sleek — December 2015, #48

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Welcome to Sleek’s 2015 Winter issue where the colder weather has compelled us to return inside, and to engage an otherwise overlooked sense: the sense of smell. It’s what drives our most primal choices: who we fuck, whom we won’t fuck, what we will or won’t eat or drink, where we rest. Since the ancient Egyptians, we have devised ways and means of obfuscating, and otherwise deceiving our fellow humans as to our most intimate of odours. Thus, it is the world of smell in art and fashion that we examine in this issue of Sleek. We set 20 artists including Wolfgang Tillmans and Olafur Eliasson the task of documenting scent as inspiration in an exclusive portfolio. In the essay “Molecular Materiality”, author Arielle Bier dissects how artists from Anicka Yi to Sean Raspet are using smells, both fair and foul in their practice to manipulate viewers, create spaces or reverse-engineer environments. Ben Gorham tells us about using scent to create fear.

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