Genda i English / Chinese edition — November 2019, #3


Genda is a magazine intersecting the relationship between Western and Eastern culture. Two sets of editorial staff – one in Italy and one in China - identify a common theme to then develop through the misunderstandings and complicities that are at the base of every concrete exchange.

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“Endless Scenarios”

EUR 20.00 — Released 1 November 2019

The image lives in connection with the space in which it is. The scene, which may be found or built, suggests an action leaving an immediately perceptible “before” and “after” to photography. The background, the environment, the conditions, are the limits in which the action is taking place or will happen. From one side the scenery is a theatrical stage, from the other side it is a perfect place to attend a story.

Artists: Hido Todd, Clavarino Federico, Ashcom Morgan, Quian Zhao, Mo Zhu, Wang Yishu, Gobbi Claudio, Ziao Zhang, Chen Ronghui, Mastronardi Matteo, Pickering Sarah, Li Amiko, Hu Yifan, Mattioli Pietro, Andreani Lisa

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