Genda i — May 2017, #2


Genda is a magazine intersecting the relationship between Western and Eastern culture. Two sets of editorial staff – one in Italy and one in China - identify a common theme to then develop through the misunderstandings and complicities that are at the base of every concrete exchange.

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“Genda #2. Animals as permanent followers”

EUR 20.00

Animals as presences that follow, range ahead, wait, influence, hide and observe. Their apparition can be a mirror that gauges distance and formulates a bond of indifference or morbid obsession, dependency. A constant, everyday relationship that transforms them into food or into idolized objects of worship. Animals as absences that occupy, intuit, besiege, foresee, and shout to the others that we are there, we have entered that territory.

Artists: Zhang Wenxin, Canxing Xuan, Weber Christian, Panar Ed, Zhao Robert, Fang Meiwen Renhui, Cases Ricardo, Masaru Tatsuki, Yibo Yan, Shizhong Ouyang, Stein Amy, Naiman Jon, Tao Lui, Xu Xiaoxiao, Mizutani Yoshinori, Bonajo Melanie, Divola John,

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