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The Magpile Store helps publishers sell magazines online.

With an easy-to-use yet powerful e-commerce platform and a marketplace where publishers sell to a world of magazine readers, the Magpile Store sets a new standard for buying and selling print magazines online.

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The Magpile Store began as a sub-feature of Magpile, which was founded in 2012 as on online reference to the world of magazines and a community for those who read them. As readers began to add and discover more and more magazines on the site, the idea of having those magazines available to buy as they browsed became increasingly tantelising. The Magpile Store launched in spring 2013, enabling a new sales channel for publishers and bringing a new model of magazine e-commerce to the web, supporting publishing in a brand new way.

A year later, in spring 2014, the Magpile Store was rebranded as a stand-alone product, with sights set at providing an all-round e-commerce solution for publishers. With customisable Storefronts, PDF sales (now discontinued), subscriptions and more promotion opportunities for sellers, the Magpile Store relaunch hopes to attract a wider range of publishers to the marketplace and get a lot more magazines in readers’ hands.

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The Magpile Store is developed by Dan Rowden, founder of Magpile and host of the Mag Heroes podcast.