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eFiction India — May/June 2014, #20

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eFiction India is an international literary magazine with premium design featuring some of the best writers. Our readers have only one common denominator: they are sensitive and are looking for something more than what mainstream publishing can provide them. Issue 08 includes awesome writers like Aashna L.K, Bharat Misra, Deepti Nalavade Mahule, G. Bhangu, Sharmilee Padhi, Richa Tiwari, Ram Govardhan, Proteem Bhaduri, Jude Gerald Lopez, Malaika Sujeet Diganta Sarkar, Sunanda Pati, Daya Bhat, Priyaa Trippayar, Jayendrina Singha Ray, Ananya Dhawan, Manek Kohli, Surbhi Thukral, Narayan Roy and Penny Dias. You've never read a magazine like this.

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