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FAKE Magazine — Spring/Summer 2013, #6

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Issue 006 is now available and we're happy to announce our theme for this edition is 'Myths'. From horoscopes, to the loch ness monster, a tale of extreme cleanliness, superstitions, the 'body beautiful', travel stories and much more, we explore all things myth-related through the mediums of poetry, fashion, insightful articles, illustration, photography, and short stories. This issue features, among others: Shing Yoong, Paul Askew, Charlotte Gush, Andrew Herbert, Jamie Cowlishaw, Lucie Crewdson, Katarina Hjorth and Olivia Smith Nicholls. Some of our contributors are new to the FAKE family, and some we've welcomed back to join us again. Whilst many independent magazines range from £8 - £20, FAKE is available for just £5 and is full to the brim of exciting new talent, all exclusively commissioned for you.

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