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IN Magazine — September 2013/March 2014, #12

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Letter from the Editor. The Shutdown | Fall/Winter 2013

When someone is afraid of something new or unfamiliar it’s called Neophobia. However, when fear of collective evolving and reluctance to accept non-traditional cultural expression is prevalent in a society, we call that a Shutdown!

The way society operates today has pushed us into one animal-like herd or another. Following “trends”, seeking the most coveted products, being told what is IN instead of deciding for ourselves on an individual level what is IN. This leaves us in a dumbed-down state that has eliminated our critical eye and our critical mind. Very few of us question, very few of us seek “truths”, but those of us who do, are unsung heroes. Free individuals may not necessarily be artists, rich investors, or outcasts, they are free because they have separated from the herd and seek innovation and evolution.

To question, to experiment, and to take risks is the true meaning of freedom. Shutting down on what we already know and casting away what is new and risky is against everything our ancestors believed in, we are a nation meant to rule, to evolve, and to thrive… We are not missing the ability to do so, we are missing the courage of acceptance. Today, every person has the choice between shutdown and freedom; one keeps you safe in one place until your dying day, and the other holds opportunities, discoveries, and delightful journeys full of hopes and dreams. Make your choice, pick a side!

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