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MC1R The magazine for redheads — #2

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Characteristics are diverse and that’s exactly what makes them special. MC1R is a magazine created especially for redheads; each issue deals with red hair and everything relating to it. The approach of the magazine is so diverse, so all-encompassing, that it’s about more than simply a hair colour. Features cover everything from contemporary art and fashion editorials, through interviews with musicians and designers, to stories about everyday life and current events. We know that being a redhead is something special, and the topic deserves to be thoroughly explored. That’s why each and every contribution to MC1R has a direct connection to red hair and physical characteristics which run alongside this unique characteristic. Issues such as social advantages and disadvantages are covered in depth.

Thanks to the diversity and openness of each contribution, our magazine has been created with no moral constraints. We’re thrilled to be able to explore the phenomenon of individuality and involuntary ‘otherness’. We have a huge pool of authors, illustrators, artists and photographers so that each issue of this self-propagating project explores new and complex themes. MC1R is the first and, at present, only magazine worldwide which is created for, about and in partnership with redheads. It was founded in 2014 by Tristan Rodgers. After the first issue was published in German, the second issue hit the shelves in March 2015, created entirely in English. With an English issue, we were able to appeal to the international marketplace and the response has been phenomenal. MC1R Magazine comes out every six months, contains 100 pages, measures 16.5cm x 23cm and, at the moment, enjoys a circulation of 2,500.

Issue #2 The first English issue of our magazine for redheads is now published and available to buy through our shop. Within its 100 pages, you’ll read about international projects from artists such as Bart Rouwenhorst, Giovanni Lipari, Robin Hinsch, Phillip Gätz, Tim Bruening, Paul Pötsch, Jens Kaesemann, Hattie Watson, Alexander Trattler, Marleen Lohse, Alina Asmus, Michelle Marshall, Rødhåd, Anthea Pokroy, Ryle Kelly, Christian Bendel, Ceyhun Güney, Thomas Knights, Martin Riedel, Henriette Hell, Alexandra Michels, Max Grüterung, Lennart Efsing, Jean-francois Briere and Nicolas Satgé.

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