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Gastronomica — December 2009/February 2010

This issue is no longer available.

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Including postage to Saudi Arabia

Winter 2010

from the editor Feast in a Time of Famine | Darra Goldstein

borborygmus Rumblings from the World of Food

cartoons Something Tastes Funny: Toasting Ten Years of Gastronomica | David Sipress

orts and scantlings “Gastrobamica” | Mark Morton

feast for the eye An Apt and Noble Gift: Gorham’s Rebekah Pitcher | Amy Miller Dehan

poem On Curing Images and Pork | Tung-Hui Hu

memoir Eating White | Geoff Nicholson

gender Why Are There No Great Women Chefs? | Charlotte Druckman

rituals Rites of Passage in Italy | Carol Field

forum Food Porn | Anne E. McBride

slice of life Sweet Tooth Nation: Fabrico Próprio and the Portuguese Pastry | Frances Baca

fashion “Another Form of Her Genius”: Lee Miller in the Kitchen | Becky E. Conekin

investigations Jean-Baptiste Labat and the Buccaneer Barbecue in Seventeenth-Century Martinique | Suzanne Toczyski Conviviality in Catalonia | A.F. Robertson

archive Lucent Figs and Suave Veal Chops: Sylvia Plath and Food | Lynda K. Bundtzen

consumption Like Your Labels? | Michele Field

americana Moxie: A Flavor for the Few | Robert Dickinson

identity Culinary Nationalism | Priscilla Parkhurst Ferguson Silver Lining: Building a Shared Sudanese Identity through Food | A.V. Crofts

futurism Losing the Space Race | Kay Sexton

photographs The Color of Hay: The Peasants of Maramures | Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin and H. Woods McLaughlin

prose A Pinch of Finch | Toni Mirosevich

terroir Discovering Terroir in the World of Chocolate | Bill Nesto

design Guinomi | Allen S. Weiss

chef’s page Executive Pastry Chef, Washington, D.C. | Bill Yosses

review essays Aesthetics and Alchemy in the Contemporary Kitchen | Joanne Molina Food Enigmas, Colonial and Postcolonial | Sidney W. Mintz

the bookshelf Books in Review

lagniappe Collard Leaves for Misery | Ardath Weaver

Cover: Farhad Moshiri, Blood Fountain, 2006, oil on canvas. Courtesy of Daneyal Mahmood Gallery, New York.

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