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Berlin Quarterly — September 2014, #2

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Berlin Quarterly's second issue is a travel through time and places. Included in this issue:

We bring our reader to Norway, where a small industrious community is struggling to revamp itself using art and creative thinking.

Trough the diary of Lucian Kim, one of the first western reporters to arrive in Crimea days before Russian takeover, we witness the beginning of an international crisis. Along with Kim’s work we feature a portfolio by Carolyn Drake, that introduces us to daily life scenes staged on the pre-conflict borders between Ukraine and Crimea.

An interview with John Jeremiah Sullivan, the master of long form journalism. We feature Stephen Dixon, the two times National Book Award candidate, with two of his short stories. The young spanish poet Luna Miguel contributes six of her most beautiful poems. A story by the Korean writer Aly Cha recounts a tale of birth and war in the midst of a post-WWII troubled Korea.

The Austrian artist and photographer Thomas Albdorf bring us on a tour through a deserted Florence, while the german photo reporter Thomas Lobenwein introduces us to the world of turkish wrestling in Berlin through impactful, black and white pictures of its protagonists.

We also publish two letters from the famous Jesuits Relations. The American wilderness as seen from the eyes of some of the earliest Europeans to arrive. Table of Contents

Reportage Norwegian Sun words by Cesare Alemanni pictures by Daniel Paida Larsen

Diary One Week in Crimea words by Lucian Kim

Portfolio One Year in Ukraine pictures by Carolyn Drake

Fiction A Woman and Her Fish by Tanya Malyarchuck

Interview John Jeremiah Sullivan by Tim Small

Fiction Two stories by Stephen Dixon with drawings by Sammy Harkham

Poetry Six Poems by Luna Miguel

Fiction The Last Child by Aly Cha with a drawing by Elena Xausa

Portfolio Firenze '13 pictures by Thomas Albdorf

Archive The Jesuit Relations with art by Justin James Reed

Fiction You Better Run by Bjarte Breiteig

Portfolio Turkish Wrestling Association of Berlin pictures by Thomas Lobenwein

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