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Kid's Wear — March/August 2011, #32

This issue is no longer available.

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What colours, what shine has summer 2011? Which people, which labels are virtually blossoming?

THE FASHION FACTION OF EDITION 32. Including Eva Bertram, Sergey Dolron, Takashi Homma, Norbert Bisky and Agata Belcen.

And also:

“Once upon a time there was a man who knitted. Once upon a time there was a woman hunter. Once upon a time there was a grandma pirate. Once upon a time there was a grandpa ballet dancer. And they all lived happily together.”

Lily, PHASE 06 of 15. The essay section of edition 32.

PS: We wish you a wonderful summer!


Photographers Eva Bertram, Sergey Bratkov, Nathalie Bothur, Desiree Dolron, Nan Goldin, Takashi Homma, Achim Lippoth, Mike Meiré, Bruce Weber

Illustrators Izabel Angerer, Thea Barkhoff, Norbert Bisky, Esther Gebauer, Igor Jablunowskij, May Helene Kröger

Authors Petra Barkhof, Agata Belcen, Lara Gonschorowski, Michael Kröger, Patrizia Mezzanzanica, Heiko Schulz, Julia van Hove

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