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Spike — Summer 2016, #48

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The viral Internet is a rabbithole where the truth goes to die. Some of us want to be seen and others don’t. In this issue we feature a selection of contemporary archetypes, among them the refugee, the one-percenter, and the thief. Dean Kissick investigates microcelebrity, Armen Avanessian wonders whether we are actually all sleepers. In the lead essay, Barbara Casavecchia explores artistic precedents for a culture of reduced visibility, secrets, silence. Nina Power writes about what it means to be a feminist today. Also: Hans-Jürgen Hafner on what it takes to "get" Arnulf Rainer's work, Suzanne Cotter talks to Tenzing Barshee about Trisha Donnelly, an interview with Nathalie Du Pasquier, and much more. This issue is dedicated to Bertolt Brecht's advice: "Erase the Traces!“

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