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Butt Magazine — Spring 2008, #22

This issue is no longer available.

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DRUMMERS by Cesar Padilla

PAUL MPAGI SEPUYA Catholic youngster fucked couple simultaneously in Vienna and New York. Interview by AA Bronson Photography by Paul Mpagi Sepuya

FRED HALSTED Rather late yet interesting interview with dead porno artist. by William E. Jones

PETER PARTY Homo Hip Hop hero from Philadelphia enjoys getting face fucked. Interview by Adam Baran Photography by Miguel Villalobos

CENTERFOLD Dutch writer and filmmaker Lernert Engelberts spread out… by Daniel Riera

GARY LEE BOAS Famous Homosexual celebrity chaser lives on bible belt. Interview by Jop van Bennekom Photography by Marc Zaffuto

IAN & JOE Former heterosexual friends discover the joy of gay sex. by Bruce Benderson

ITALIANI by Alessandro Di Giampietro

BUTTSTUFF The readers’ section

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