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It’s all about space perception. We want to talk about all kinds of concepts about spaces that exist in our daily life and conceptual mind. By talking about it, we elaborate how art plays in-between.

For this first issue of NOT TODAY, we came up with a number of interesting sections. In OBJECTS we selected 6 different items that shine through our daily life. We conducted INTERVIEWS with fashion designer SHAO YEN and design studio NORM ARCHITECTS at the places where they live and work. In THE KITCHEN, we present a five-course dinner by young artist Yin-Ling Hsu. Entering SOMETHING SPATIAL, you could have your answers for site-specific art. In A SPACE FOR ______, you will find yourself encountering The Broken Arm in Paris and Crane Gallery in Kaohsiung. Furthermore, we invited foreign artists to work on something Taiwanese—Cape Town based artist Nico Krijno shot a fashion story with 8 Taiwanese designer brands, and established Japanese artist Tomoko Yoneda accepted our invitation to partake in the HI TAIWAN project; she went down to southern Taiwan and brought us a series of beautiful images of the town Jingliao.

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