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Camera Austria — March 2015, #129

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Playing through pictorial metaphors and aesthetic and semantic conventions, linking images in an associative-algorithmic manner based on structural characteristics, “poking” into apparent gaps, empty spaces and vulnerabilities in visual narratives—photographic strategies not connected by any clear or comprehensive context—are the main focus of interest in this issue of Camera Austria International.

What interests us in the works of the artists presented are the forms of researching and reordering specific to each of them, forms which, in these cases, do not process history or stories, events, historical archives etc., but instead other, already existing, everyday cultural or institutional forms for the on-going arranging of images. W. J. T. Mitchell termed such images that make reference to other images meta-pictures: pictures about pictures, in which a particular  “pictorial self-reference” is inscribed. They produce theory through establishing representations, as Mitchell described in an interview with Georg Schöllhammer in 1998.

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