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Sagmag — December 2015

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Anger, hate and fear have no borders, so why should compassion and love?

Politics and news are not words typically synonymous with Sagmag, but some social issues force people to step out of their comfort zone and transcend the norm. The refugee crisis, we believe, is one of those issues.

We put together this 32-page booklet to provide information, historical context and research around the refugee crisis. There are 7 chapters, each of which addresses a specific concern people and politicians have expressed with accepting refugees.

As a publication based in the U.S., we don’t believe it is our place to comment on the policies of other countries. So while this is mostly based on American research and perspectives, we believe anyone who is interested in the topic of refugees will find value in this short publication.

We’re proud to announce that we won’t be taking any profits from the sales of this booklet. 100% of the proceeds will go to Global Giving’s Syrian Refugee Relief Fund. Join us in our effort to provide clothing, food and shelter to Syrian refugees around the world.

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