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Selections Magazine — November/December 2015, #33

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Our cover this issue is a canvas by Ye Hongxing, filled with phantasmagoric, kaleidoscopic scenes. Each little piece of the canvas tells its own particular visual story up close, but from a distance the elements come together to form a cohesive whole. It’s a work that fits perfectly with our Detail theme. Inside this edition there are certainly many brilliant details to pay attention to, including In the Library with Iraqi contemporary artist Hanaa Malallah, a look at one of the greatest contemporary painters, Luc Tuymans, whose work is currently on show in Doha, and the works that inspire Dr. Cliff Lauson, Curator of the Hayward Gallery in London, who oversees our Curated By section. Looking ahead I feel I have to share my excitement and enthusiasm for an upcoming trip to Iran, the details of which will be revealed in more depth next issue. Until then, enjoy this issue’s details.

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