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SHAWATI' MAGAZINE — June/September 2017, #39

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Issue 39, our summer edition of Shawati’ coincides with the holy month of Ramadan, one of the most peaceful and spiritually cleansing periods of the year. A time to reflect on what’s truly important in life and an ideal opportunity to create special memories with loved ones. Through this act of month-long fasting, Muslims strive to become closer to Allah and attain greater control of their lives by transcending the elemental demands of hunger and thirst. During Ramadan, there is a pronounced emphasis on the doing of good deeds, including giving an even larger portion of sadaqah [voluntary charity] during this time of year. The UAE is a leader among nations in regard to its charitable outreach at home and abroad, it is this year-round dedication that inspired the wise leadership of the UAE to declare 2017 as the “Year of Giving” so the focus of ‘giving’ is a constant among the citizens and residents of the UAE.

The visual theme of this issue is dedicated to the oceans and seas that surround our beautiful planet. The stunning images on the cover and section breakers are reminder of this precious gift that we cannot afford to take for granted any longer. It’s important that we keep the fragility of the ocean’s ecosystems at the forefront of our minds, as painful as it can be to acknowledge the possible catastrophes looming in the planet’s shared future.

Each article we publish is special to us, as are the people and places we introduce you to along the way. This interconnected web eventually becomes a part of our shared history. However some of the stories are harder than others to let go, as they resonate with us on a deeper level. This issue has a few such pieces – but we will let you discover at your own pace and leisure which ones we are referring to.

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