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Slanted — Spring 2012, #17

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Ken Johnston of Corbis (New York) dipped into the archives and retrieved a grotesque photo story of the atomic bomb experiments – Doom Town, a dark comic, the best stories are real life experiences. Patrick Tsai (Tokyo) leads a photographic diary – Talking Barnacles, is a story in image sequences combined with very personal lyrics.

Essays and reports: Motor Cream Landscapes about the font in graphic literature by Alexander Negrelli (Berlin), loved and hated Comic Sans by Rieke C. Harmsen (Munich), Manga & Graphic Design, Hands On and Where The Wild Things Were by Ian Lynam (Tokyo), PAT! BON! DOKAAAN! - Font thunderstorms and onomatopoeia in Asian comic by Steffen Zillig and Sohyun Jung (Hamburg), Something like Max & Moritz - The inventor of the comic by Tim Eckhorst (Kiel) A very subjective and casual comics overview from Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY 11222 by Paul Hoppe (Brooklyn NY), survival is possible by Michael Schmidt (Munich) and Sans Comique by Frank Wiedemann (Berlin).

Interviews with Nora Krug (Brooklyn NY), Dirk Rehm (Berlin), Alessio Leonardi (Berlin), Fred Smijers (Antwerp) and Matthew Carter (Cambridge) with insights into their living and working environments.

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