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StitchWorld — January 2017, #11

This issue is no longer available.

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StitchWorld caters exclusively to the technology and management needs of the sewn industry. StitchWorld focuses on technology solutions, production planning, manufacturing techniques, value addition options, in fact, anything and everything that has to do with technology and management for the sewn product industry.

How will it help?

1) It will give you update on the new and latest technology for manufacturing of apparel, textile and accessories.

2) It will help you keep yourself updated on the benchmark practices of various manufacturing companies around the world.

3) It will help you better understand how to improve your factory’s efficiency and productivity and at the same time reduce the cost of production.

4) It will help you keep yourself updated on the various technology fairs that happen around the world.

5) It will give you researched papers helping you implement various management tools like Lean, Six Sigma, Kanban, TQM etc.

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