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Superior — #2

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Including postage to Saudi Arabia

The second SUPERIOR print magazine comes with a refined visual approach, e.g. with a new typeface exclusively for this issue and with 150 pages full of exciting fashion & art.

In nine exclusive editorials, photographers from Europe and the USA present spring/summer fashion in their personal style. Their interpretations range from mysterious to cold as ice to sweet as candy to just beautiful. Or they play pingpong with their photography, like a Italian-Serbian photographer-duo. We also take you on a tour visiting the Fashion Weeks in New York, Berlin and Tokyo. Furthermore in interviews artists explain why the absence of failure doesn’t necessarily mean winning or what it takes to be an artist nowadays.

Connecting the best from the various media is one thing that has characterized the SUPERIOR publications from the beginning. Hence SUPERIOR EDITION #2 is complemented by digital content like videos, additional photo-series and text, which is conveniently linked to the respective print content via QR-Codes and will be permanently updated. With this combination you get the best from both worlds in one magazine, the sophisticated design of an exclusive print magazine and responsive digital content, and a magazine that becomes more and more interesting over the years.

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