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HUCK — July/August 2014, #45

This issue is no longer available.

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Huck 45, specially guest­edited by artist, photographer, skateboarder and chronicler of Southern California Ed Templeton, is a colourful cruise through the Tempster's motley crew of creative friends, spawned from skateboarding and surfing cultures.

As well as an epic interview with Ed – in which skateboarding's favourite expressionist reflects on his Huntington Beach history, artistic inspirations and the community of likeminded DIYers he surrounds himself with – The Ed Templeton Issue also features in­depth interviews and beautiful photoshoots with the likes of photographer Tobin Yelland, Hamburger Eyes publisher Ray Potes, painter Ashley Macomber and street­shooter collective The Deadbeat Club.

Ed's own artwork and iconic photography sits alongside fresh illustrations, created exclusively for Huck, and the bold and subversive work of his countercultural coterie.

According to Ed: “I feel so lucky to be part of a network of people coming from skateboarding and surfing cultures who are creative by nature and doing things without much thought about recognition. These friends of mine are driven to just make things and lay down a snail trail of artwork, photos, products, zines, music, whatever – and I want to share some of that with you, the readers of Huck.”

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