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HUCK — September/October 2014, #46

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Huck 46 - The Documentary Special II is our annual celebration of visual storytelling in which we shine a light back on the people behind the lens. For 2014, we're digging even deeper into the documentary form, asking bigger questions and championing more boundary-breaking work. Is photography really an objective medium, asks Time LightBox editor Olivier Laurent. Or is it inherently personal, embedding the photographer's own perspective into every shot? This issue sets out to explore this timeless question, through deeply personal essays by photographers we admire.


Smoke and Mirrors by Olivier Laurent: Meet the new breed of photographers blurring the line between fact and fiction to lead us all towards deeper truths.

Mary Ellen Mark on Henri Cartier Bresson: An exclusive piece by one legend on another.

Exclusive personal essays from photographers Joseph Szabo, Carolyn Drake, Brendan Hoffman, Jason Andrew, Lindsay Mackenzie, Ewen Spencer, Andrew McConnell, J.A. Mortram, Matt Eich, Shannon Jensen, Johnathan Mehring, David Maurice Smith, Harold Feinstein, Ying Ang, Tommaso Protti, Venetia Dearden, Krisanne Johnson, David Maurice Smith.

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