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HUCK — January/February 2015, #48

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he Origins Issue: The first chapter in a year-long journey.

This year, Huck is going in search of a manifesto for indie culture. For the past decade we’ve met creative doers, both iconic and unknown, at the forefront of DIY culture who’ve shared invaluable lessons they’ve learned along the way. Now, as we near our fiftieth issue, we’re ready to dig even deeper into the engine of creativity that these people helped ignite. We want to ask bigger questions — about how they made their mark, and where indie culture is heading — so that readers can walk away inspired to strike out on their own.

Our journey kicks off with The Origins Issue, a celebration of new beginnings, former lives and authentic roots.

Join us as we learn from:

Janette Beckman: The British photographer looks back on her days on the cultural frontlines, documenting the birth of punk and hip hop and its transatlantic spread.

Clayton Patterson: The rebel photographer on how New York City lost its way.

Jamie Brisick: A former pro surfer reflects on the birth of an obsession - sparked by a 1970s skateboard - that has stayed with him since day one.

Gilles Peterson: From pirate radio to world music stage.

New Voices of Kosovo: Pristina's pioneers of indie culture share their thoughts on why independence matter in their city more than most.

Ferguson - A Special Report: How deep do the roots of institutional racism run?

Personal Photo Essays: Diana Markosian and Pete Pin retrace their roots.

iO Tillet Wright: Bashing stereotypes and homophobia one image at a time, LA photographer iO Tillet Wright reveals her hidden past.

Sinkane: From Sudan to Ohio, Sinkane frontman Ahmad Gallab contemplates the meaning of home.

Geoff McFetridge on Saul Steinberg: The graphic artist waxes lyrical on his kindred spirit from another time.

Christopher Owens: From indie dahling to gospel cowboy, Chris Owens' religious background is more radical than most.

Ishita Malaviya: India's first female surfer ushers in a new worldview.

Chuck Ragan: From Hot Water Music to solo folk, the punk pioneer opens up about a chequered period from his past.

Cannabis BC - Huck Investigates: Vancouver's friendly marijuana grow-ops are about to get a corporate takeover. Huck meets the activists, growers and investors on the debate frontline. Will bottom-lines or blazing rule supreme?

And much, much more...

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