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HUCK — May/June 2014, #44

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<b>Tommy Guerrero-</b> OG skateboarder and master of ambient jams – is back with a grooveadelic new album, No Mans Land, and his first European tour. He’s a busy man. But he’s still got time for a quick call from Dave Carnie – Jackass co-creator and self-proclaimed snoot – who seems intent on taking Tommy on an existentialist ride to talk ‘fake busy’, ‘global bullshit’ and the meaning of life.

Elsewhere this issue, we meet culture-shapers of all kinds:

<b>Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie</b> The Nigerian novelist reveals the danger of one-sided stories as her multi-layered novel Half of a Yellow Sun – which zones in on the human details of chaos and war – springs to life on screen.

<b>Vincent Moon</b> The Indie filmmaker and music video innovator turns his back on big-name bands to collaborate with unknown musicians in far-flung corners of the globe.

<b>Ratking</b> Meet the post-hip hop punks pushing New York City beats to a new experimental place.

<b>Jon Burgerman</b> Professional doodler Burgerman tells the art world to lighten up.

<b>Dennis Morris</b> The Dalston-born photographer reveals the stories behind the stills, from chilled times with Bob Marley to TV-smashing rampages with Sid Vicious and co.

<b>This Is DIY</b> Our ongoing celebration of independent culture rolls on with inspiring stories of self-determination, from the township surfers of South Africa’s Waves for Change to one-woman publishing machine Juliet Elliott, who’s carving a credible niche for active women with the ever-progressive Coven magazine.

<b>Laura Jane Grace</b> The face of socially minded punk band Against Me! talks openly about the personal transformation that gave rise to deeply honest new record Transgender. Dysphoria. Blues.

<b>The Working Artisans' Club </b> TWAC is back! Ahead of exhibitions in Germany and London, we meet custom shaper Paul Reisberg of Arbo Surfboards, who’s turning education into a meaningful experience by passing on the skills and secrets of his craft.


<b>Activism Now :</b>The New Breed Online: From Brazil’s MidiaNinja to Argentina’s Internet Party, meet the real-world agitators getting radical online.

<b>Our Ukraine:</b> Real people, real perspectives from the streets of Kiev.

<b>Homegrown Santiago:</b> Meet the record labels, shop owners and entrepreneurs that are funnelling Santi’s energy into progressive homegrown brands.

<b>Bay Area Blood:</b> Get re-acquainted with the real San Francisco through the people who know her best – featuring artist and boutique-owner Serena Mitnik-Miller, illustrator Justin Hager, artisan Aleksandra See, Maker Mart founder Erik Katz andMollusk Surf Shop’s John McCambridge.

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