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Yeni Tiyatro Dergisi — February/March 2017, #90

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You will find below articles in this issue: -presentation/ p2 / Hello from 90th issue/Erbil Göktaş -News/ p4 / We walked to curse terror -Farewell/ p5 / Goodbye Keşanlı Ali/ Turgay Oğuz -Critical Review/ p9 / Harol Pinter and ''Betrayal''/ Elif Solak -Interview/ p9 / With Camille Claudel or Begüm Turay/ Erbil Göktaş-Emel Dinseven -Critical Review/ p15 / A succesful game of the year at Izmir State Theater: ''Burn'' / Hülya Nutku News/ p20 / Ayberk Atilla be sent off on an eternal journey from Üsküdar Kerem Yılmazer Theater/ -Critical Review/ p21 / Love burns! Our love is the biggest fire of Aksaray/ Birgül Yeşiloğlu Güler -Critical Review/ p24 / Our love is the biggest fire of Aksaray/ Yetkin Yüksel Interview/ p26/ Theater with Özer Tunca / Belgi Saygı -Critical Review/ Light falling into the darkness: ''Orchids in Fire Scene''/ Feridun Andaç -News/ p33 / City Theater shows 30 game with 1 new game in February -News/ p40/ Jeniffer's Wedding - Osmangazi -Review/ p41 / Anatolian enlightenment in Zeki Büyüktanır's plays / Ömer Öztürk -Review/ p46 / Two days at Moliere's house / Mete Çubukçu -Critical Review / p50 / Notre Dame Quasimado Musical from Kumbara Visual Arts / Deniz Üstüngel Süer -Critical Review / p52 / The game that fastens the audience to the seats ''Ends'' -Critical Review / p54 / Spectacular Show ''Nutcracker'' / Ahmet Buğra Erdem -Critical Review/ p56 / The 39. Steps/ Şebnem Telci -Critical Review/ p60/ A splendid stance against fascism-Ay Carmela/ Seval Deniz Karahaliloğlu -Impression / p63 / 5th International İzmir Theater Festival/ Mustafa Bal

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