The Arcade Review i — 20 April 2014, #2

The Arcade Review

The Arcade Review is a digital magazine about videogames as an artistic form. We publish criticism on games within the arts!

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USD 5.00 — Released 20 April 2014

Firstly, Owen Vince goes through John Clowder’s Middens, exploring its depiction of the gun and its interrogations of DaDa surrealism,

Emilie Reed explores the nature of RPGMaker horror games and the communities that center them in their play and discussion,

John Kilhefner discusses the strucutures of immersion, engagement, and aesthetics in Soundoger+,

John Brindle writes a journalistic piece on the use of macro technology in the Twine game-making community,

And Brendan Vance asks why so much of our play feels unfullfilling and centreless, seeking through this dilemma by engaging with the relation of form and content.

This issue, we have a marvelous interview with aritst, performer and game designer Amy Dentata. We go to 7k words, Paris Review style.

And our cover for Issue 2 is done by Toronto artist and illustrator Lauren Pelc-McArthur! Much thanks to the work she’s done for us.

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