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Magpile helps people discover new magazines.

We do this by creating an ever-growing online reference to the world’s print and digital magazines, a magazine marketplace selling some of the world’s best indie magazines, and a vibrant online community for magazine readers.


Dan Rowden, founder

A reference to the world of magazines

Magpile's wiki-style database of magazines is an important online resource for publishers and their readers and brings all of the world's magazines together in one place.

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A global magazine marketplace

Magazines from all over the world sell on the Magpile Store, a centralised magazine-specific shopping platform, boosting sales globally and helping readers to get their hands on more hard-to-find magazines.

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A place to collect and share your mags

Add the magazines you own (and new ones you buy from the Store!) to your Pile, and save issues you want to your Wishlist.

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A community of magazine lovers

Follow publishers, industry leaders and your friends to find your next favourite read. Discuss with them about the latest issues and covers.

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"Magpile is a great new way of sharing your favourite magazines, finding out what your friends are enjoying, and generally bigging up magazines. Why wouldn’t you, you magaholic, want to be involved in that?"

— Jeremy Leslie of magCulture

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If you’d like to send a copy of your magazine (which I always appreciate), please email for Magpile's Mauritian postal address.

Built with amazing support from

Kai Brach of Offscreen, Jeremy Leslie of magCulture, Steven Watson of Stack, Ibrahim Nehme of The Outpost, Susan Sivek of Linfield College, Kilian Idsinga, Olivier Legris, and the lovely Milja.

Made since 2012 in Jeddah, Helsinki and Mauritius ♥

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