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“Agapornis MAgazine”

EUR 12.00 — Released 19 April 2015

Agapornis is born from passion and love. The passion for our disciplines, and our everyday life, our job, and the love for animals. Those little faithful friends who give us countless feelings without saying a word. They are the part of the family who is always there.

We’ve been working during months looking for ways to merge interesting content on those little emotional beings, our environment and contemporary visual culture. All in one. It is no longer enough to know which are the best things for the health of our animal; we go further, we want to get excited with their stories, we aim to see how they have been influential in fields such as art or fashion, and investigate their connection with culture.

Agapornis is, therefore, a cocktail prepared with all those ingredients that unite people with their animals, to show that having these furry friends on your side can be immensely awesome.

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