Another Escape i — May/November 2014, #3

Another Escape

We all get those moments in life when we experience, if only for a second, something that utterly inspires us; we want to be a musician, a dancer, a bee keeper, a circus performer. It may be the overwhelming desire to collect new experiences, travel, or learn a new skill or language. But what if we actually played on these inspirations-turned-aspirations?

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“Volume 3”

GBP 10.00 — Released 5 May 2014

This volume saw us take a new turn in our editorial direction. We began with a thematic stimulus, a single word, wood, to initiate an investigation into a selection of related narratives – stories of our affinity to the natural world, wood products and the great outdoors.

Our theme evolved and branched out; it led us to find a great breadth of fascinating and passionate people, working in a diverse range of practices and places – from a driftwood kayak builder, to a traditional Korean papermaker, to wilderness-foraging perfumers, to charcoal makers, to bamboo bicycle builders. We sought to produce a closely curated yet varied collection of stories. Where one story ends another begins, picking up and interweaving common threads to draw our readers through the publication.

<u>This volume includes</u>

  • Discussing the value we place on seeds and our use of seed banks for survival.
  • Redefining and rebranding gardening for a new generation of gardeners.
  • Questioning the value of making and craftsmanship in a time of flat-pack furniture.
  • Discovering the past and processes of charcoal making.
  • Journeying the Californian coastline and woodlands with wild perfume makers.
  • Understanding one woman’s extraordinary journey to learn the ancient craft of Korean papermaking.
  • Experimenting with bamboo as a construction material to build bikes.

120 pages, 200mm x 265mm, 300gsm/140gsm Edixion Challenger Offset FSC certified paper stock Matte laminate cover.

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