Artworks Journal i — 10 December 2013-01 March 2014, #3

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Welcome to the fascinating world of Artworks Journal, a quarterly print journal where we mix the arts and business from around the world.

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“Artworks Journal #003”

EUR 6.50 — Released 10 December 2013

In the #003 edition of Artworks Journal we explore the ways hospitality combines the arts and business and how they both can learn from it. There is plenty of Christmas reading for everyone who strive to build better businesses and communities.

Over the past 12 months we have worked with a lot of people across the arts and business in the Nordic countries. We asked them who they felt were among the most influential people in the space and were thrilled with the response. We received a great mix of suggestions from people everyone knows to some of the more unsung heroes. Our selection process meant that we couldn't include everyone who was put forward, but we'd love to hear your thoughts on who is there and feedback for next time!

At the beginning of this next issue we look at the state of customer service and how the arts, hospitality and business all need to take inspiration from each other. We have an interview with the founder of Quintessentially, Ben Elliot, to look at how corporate concierge and the arts can improve working life and results.

Charles Saumerez Smith, CEO of the Royal Academy of Arts, continues his contribution from the last issue, and reveals the history and strategy behind newly opened Keeper's House, a place for members to stop and enjoy.

On the flip side of this we look at how a members club type of environment can provide a great space for creativity, with a guide by Nick Jones, CEO and founder of Soho House.

Scott Belsky follows up last issue's Q&A with 5 tips for how to make the creative process successful and efficient.

James Hilton, co-founder and chief creative officer of AKQA, continued from Ajaz Ahmed's previous contributions with a fantastic account of the importance of 'love' to make a brilliant digital experience.

We speak to Greg Marsh, founder of onefinestay, about how the arts attract innovators and improve a guest experience.

Dylan Williams, partner and chief strategic officer at the advertising agency Mother, writes the first of a series of articles for Artworks starting with why to integrate culture and the arts into strategy, not just at the end.

Jeanette Bonnier shares her most powerful moment with the arts, and we investigate the value of cultural tourism to communities, economies, reputations of cities, and even to people that aren't fans.

Sweden's culture minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth hits back on journalist Ricki Neuman from an earlier issue and explains why engaging with the next generation is her first priority

In the next issue we will turn our focus onto the more internal workings of the arts and business and the most important element of all, people.

The cover has been interpreted and illustrated by jewellery-designer-to-the-stars Maria Nilsdotter

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