Butt i — Spring 2007, #19


BUTT is a quarterly magazine for gay men, founded in 2001 and edited by Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom.[1] As of 2008, it has an estimated worldwide circulation of 24,000.[2]

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Released 2 April 2007

DUO Ricardo and Johannes by Walter Pfeiffer

JOE GAGE Top Pornographer loves to bang out a load while watching his own legendary films. by Frank Rodriguez

UN HOMBRE ESPAÑOL Juanjo Martinez by Luis Venegas

I AM DEREK by Derek Jackson

POLLAS Calender of Spanish cocks by Daniel Riera

DIRTY DANNY Amsterdam homo hobo hasn’t changed his filthy bed sheets since 1996. Interview by Lernert Engelberts Photography by Jop van Bennekom

FRANCESCO VEZZOLI Pretty private Italian artist gives strikingly honest interview about sex. Interview by Adam Baran Photography by Marcelo Krasilcic

66 SENTENCES ABOUT JIM Text by James Anderson Photography by Benjamin Alexander Huseby

JIM by Benjamin Alexander Huseby

BUCK ANGEL Former fashion model became a man with quite a cunt. by Danny McFadden

BUTTSTUFF The readers’ section

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