Crichton's i — September/December 2015, #1


Crichton's is a quarterly magazine in print, providing the definitive guide to the arts, culture, history and ideas, intending to turn drab dinner tables into fireballs of conversation.

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“Autumn 2015”

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Crichton's is a quarterly magazine offering the best written words in print on all subjects that people talk about.

It will make you nimble of wit and agile of mind as a guest or a host of dinner parties, lunches and all manner of social occasion.

This inaugural issue contains satires of turn of the century New York and modern day London, as well as biographies of François Boucher, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and George Bernard Shaw, essays on the Decadent poets, the Parthenon's 'symphony in stone', and the state of antiquities in a war torn Middle East. It, of course, contains much, much more as well.

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