deVour Magazine i — January 2014, #2

deVour Magazine

deVour Magazine is the collaborative brainchild of 3 women that live and breathe Music, Fashion, Art and Beauty. Four unique individuals coming together to lead you into a world of art not seen as normal to the common eye. We believe that within darkness lies the richest of all beauty. Beauty that is sometimes overlooked or disregarded. We are a collective of creative minds that strive to push the envelope, shatter barriers and open minds.

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“Book 2”

Released 1 January 2014

deVour is where you go to be consumed by raw emotions, musical talent and the intense passion for dark beauty.

Featured work by: Rebecca Taylor, Nicole McCord, Shining (NOR), Collide, Donna Mee and Ryan Burke.

Editorials Shot By: Jennifer Esteban, Graphics Metropolis (Irvin Rivera), Jonathan Roberts, Rene Salvador, Magic Owen Photography, Tori Lane Photography, Philip Faith, Sophie Ellen, Alanna Yu, J. Isobel De Lisle and Raisa Kanareva.

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