DONTPOSTME magazine i — January/June 2015, #10


DONTPOSTME is a biannual digital magazine. Published in English, DONTPOSTME magazine contains interviews, reviews, and essays about artists and the world of art.

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EUR 20.00 — Released 13 January 2015

In this issue you can find new and selected reviews/interviews: interviews with painters and photographers - Conrad Jon Godly (astonishing paintings of mountains), Adriana Bogdanova (conceptual series of black’n’white images), Giulia Bersani (lifestyle photographs), Jonathan Saiz (Alkahest series), Maritza de la Vega (polaroid photographs) and Jennifer Nehrbass (surreal paintings); reviews: Jurgen Heckel, Voider Sun and Evan Roth. Also you can read text about Miwa Ogasawara and her atmospeheric artworks.

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