Ernest i Print edition — June 2015, #3


Ernest is a blog, iPad magazine and biannual printed journal for curious and adventurous gentlefolk. It is a guide for those who appreciate true craftsmanship and the care that goes into making, who are fascinated by curious histories and eccentric traditions and who care more for timeless style than trends. It is a periodical of substance created for folk who love to build fires, embark on road trips, camp under a canopy of stars and run full pelt into the sea. Ernest appeals to those of us who appreciate a craft gin cocktail as much as a hearty one-pot supper, who love the grain of wood and the smell of paper, who’d like to learn how fly fish, brew beer in their shed and name all the constellations of the northern hemisphere. It is for people who like to whittle.

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<ul> <li>The Wild Folk: delve into wild man mythology</li> <li>Investigate the psychology of board games</li> <li>Read the unbelievable tale of the man who fell through a storm cloud and lived</li> <li>Brian May shares his love of Victorian diableries, tiny stereoscopic visions of hell <li>Unravel our response to Brutalism: Britain’s most divisive architecture</li> <li>Meet the industrious botanists creating terrariums with their own micro climates</li> <li>Seek out Iceland’s Huldufólk - the hidden people said to be waiting in an untameable landscape</li> <li>Take a slow adventure to the Isles of Scilly, exploring low tide landscapes and abandoned villages, seeking out shipwreck tales and the lost city of Lyonesse</li> <li>Meet the fellow bottling seaweed in a cliff top laboratory and bringing bathing machines back to Margate</li> <li>Unearth the origins of the Fair Isle jumper</li> <li>Retronaut Chris Wild explores the history of denim and the American Frontier</li> <li>Enter the ramshackle workshop of Nik Ramage, eccentric inventor and mechanical sculptor</li> <li>Cook a three course meal using hotel room appliances with Anarchist chef George Egg</li> <li>Nairn’s London: revisit one man’s metropolitan meander through our capital</li> <li>Learn ancient techniques of pit cooking, stone boiling and clay baking with our field guide to prehistoric cookery</li> </ul>

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