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The Esquire Universe Letter from the editor What I've Learned Math! THE ESQ&A Author Nick Tosches talks about his new book, fear, Moby-Dick, and opium.

THE MEANING OF LIFE: WARRIORS Our twelfth annual collection of insight, wit, and extraordinary stories from some of the most indomitable figures of our time. Featuring...

SEAN PENN "My strength in anything has always been, for better or worse, knowing what I can't do." Interviewed by Scott Raab

LEON PANETTA "Could I imagine a world without cursing? Hell, no!" Interviewed by Cal Fussman

JAMES MEREDITH "My statue at Ole Miss is a false idol. And it wasn't put there for my benefit." Interviewed by Cal Fussman

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER "I will be back sounded much stronger in my mind." Interviewed by Cal Fussman

LARA LOGAN "It's the people the dead left behind that get to you." Interviewed by Cal Fussman

JAKE LaMOTTA "The secret is to move with the punch." Interviewed by Cal Fussman

ROD STEWART "It's true. I had all my wives over one Christmas." Interviewed by Cal Fussman

TEN UNITED STATES MARINES "Always make sure your last four rounds are tracers." Interviewed by Mike Sager

RONDA ROUSEY "I'm a courageous person because I'm a scared person." Interviewed by Cal Fussman

PETRA NÊMCOVÁ "At one point, the bungalow trapped me — the power of the water and the debris started crushing my pelvis." Interviewed by Cal Fussman

MANDY PATINKIN "If you're sick, watch a funny movie." Interviewed by Cal Fussman

LIEUTENANT BRIAN MURPHY "We probably shot at the same time. I missed. He hit me right in the chin." Interviewed by Cal Fussman

JACK REACHER "A pool cue is the best weapon in a bar fight." Interviewed by Lee Child

CHIEF WAHOO "If you have to find something worthwhile to protest, try the nachos. An aboslute travesty." Interviewed by Scott Raab

JAMES LEE BURKE "Let me tell you something about violence: I turn on cable TV, and the stuff I see there is unbelievable." Interviewed by Cal Fussman

BERNIE GOETZ "If someone tries to enforce their will on you and you have a gun, they have a problem." Interviewed by Cal Fussman

PLUS: I AM A CAMERA Forget your weak and delusional memory. With just a little bit of hardware, everything you see, hear, say, forget, and never noticed can now be recorded at will. Is this any way to live? By A.J. Jacobs

PEAK FRACKING Ten years ago, who knew? Agressive drilling techniques have revolutionized the extraction of natural gas and fundamentally changed America's energy debate. Te gas is real. Everything else is a fight. By Tom Chiarella

MAN AT HIS BEST: CULTURE An assessment of Judd Apatow on the occasion of his new movie, This Is 40. Plus, committing to watch the new season of Girls — and 32 other resolutions you actually have a chance of keeping.


MAHB: INSTRUCTION How to flip a traditional Spanish tortilla, why you want to smell like the forest, and the rustic brandy we aren't drinking but should be.

MAHB: SEX It was only a matter of time: Someone finally asked a question about conjoined twins.

STYLE Purple suede shoes you might actually want to wear, how to pull off a shawl-collar sweater, and a designer tasked with resuscitatin a Big British Brand. Again.

BEST DRESSED MEN OF THE YEAR Justin Theroux's jacket, Prince Harry's belt, and sixteen other style habits worth stealing from 2012.

A THOUSAND WORDS Television turned us into the self-managing narcissists we've become. And only television can save us. By Stephen Marche

ESQUIRE FICTION FOR MEN "American Ninja 2" By Matt Sumell

ESQUIRE STYLE From peacoats to trenches to puffers — the best of this season's warm winter jackets.

THIS WAY OUT What i've Learned: Mars Rover Curiosity Interviewed by Ross McCammon

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