F/I/M²/P Magazine i — June/July 2013, #6

F/I/M²/P Magazine

F/I/M²/P is a Lebanese bimonthly print and digital publication that offers a space for Fashion Designers, Illustrators, Music and Movies enthusiasts and Photographers to showcase their work, express their opinion, and collaborate together in creating a visual magazine.

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“Skinny Dipping”

USD 10.00 — Released 23 June 2013

Care For A Dip, Love? As children, when summer rolled around it was always a reason for celebration. It meant the end of the school year, three months of absolute freedom, and more importantly, water parks. As adults, things don't seem to have changed much. Fine, yes, things have indeed changed, but we still get the same rush we did as children, only this one is caused by fewer working hours (for those of us lucky enough to have bosses that believe in Summer timing... Oh who are we kidding?), a chance to gawk at potential suitors on the sandy shores and of course, mid-day cocktails by the pool. Who would say no to sipping on a Cosmo and pretending to be Carrie Bradshaw by that VIP accessible pool at some country club in the city (go figure)? Nothing beats getting hammered before noon, and no, it doesn't count as alcoholism... It's always 5 o'clock somewhere. Read more in our Editors' Letter

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