Foam i — Winter 2012, #33


Foam Magazine is an international photography magazine. The magazine serves as an exhibition space that embraces every aspect of photography from documentary to fashion, from contemporary to historical, from world famous photographers to young talent.

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Foam Magazine #33/Trip is all about travel, about the sense of being in transit, in a place or in a dimension where things are different from the way they are at home, or in real life. Foam Magazine goes beyond a literal interpretation of the theme, as travel is ultimately more a mental state than a physical effort. The word Trip is therefore the word that best describes the theme of this issue: from road trip to mental trip.

Foam Magazine brings the subject alive in eight quite different portfolios, taking our readers on eight diverse journeys, ranging from the fantastical to the concrete, from the conceptual to the extremely stylized. Trip shows the work of: Nils Strindberg, Todd Hido, Jan Hoek, Cristina De Middel, Anne Sophie Merryman, Erwin Olaf, Ricardo Cases and Thomas Mailaender.

Foam Magazine also presents in this issue of the Magazine an extensive interview of Roma Publications. Founded in 1998 by graphic designer Roger Willems and artist Mark Manders, they quickly established themselves as one of the best independent art publishers in the Netherlands.

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