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Green Futures is the leading magazine on environmental solutions and sustainable futures. Founded by Jonathon Porritt in 1996, it is published by Forum for the Future.

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“Special Edition: Tomorrow's food, tomorrow's farms”

With a growing population to feed in the UK and around the world, and a spread of environmental challenges including climate change and freshwater scarcity threatening to derail efforts to maintain and increase agricultural production, it’s not clear what kind of food industry – and farms – we will need in the future, and what skills farmers and food producers will need to deliver a healthy diet, fibre and energy to 10 billion people.

Tomorrow’s Food, Tomorrow’s Farms explores these issues from a wide range of perspectives, looking at how farmers and the food industry in the UK and beyond are facing up to the challenge of climate change, and how they are rethinking their businesses to provide some of the goods and services we’ll need in the future. It examines the potential for land based industry to meet our energy needs and lifts the lid on some of the debates about farming methods, yields and sustainability. It asks what the farms and food supply chains of the future will look like, and what being a farmer might entail.

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