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Green Futures is the leading magazine on environmental solutions and sustainable futures. Founded by Jonathon Porritt in 1996, it is published by Forum for the Future.

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“Special Edition: Shared Future”

The last decade began with a raft of accounting scandals and ended with the financial meltdown of global banking – proof enough that an economy dominated by shareholder capitalism is not a sustainable economy.

With this long-established economic orthodoxy now unseated, it’s time that other forms of wealth generation and ownership that have been successfully bubbling away are given our serious attention and encouragement.

With more than 150 years experience under its belt, the co-operative way has remained resolute in the face of economic vagaries.

Across the globe today, 1.4 million co-operatives are showing that it is quite possible to run businesses that are equally focused on being economically viable and socially responsible.

It is possible that out of the economic doldrums may emerge an economy with co-operation very much at its heart.

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