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Hysteria is a monothematic magazine delicately crafted for the arts and culture conscious twice a year by Sydney local Sarah Ng. It seeks to act as a platform for notable and rising local designers, artists and creative minds alike to come together and mutually inspire. Each issue will be assigned a universal theme and feature a dynamic array of talents, who will generate edgy materials fitting to the theme and share their varying interpretations of the topic. Interviews containing the talents’ slices of wisdom will be inserted in each issue and stringed with other riveting features. The ultimate goal is to inspire and advocate conceptually driven and experimental work, celebrate the crossover of different artistic fields and extensions into foreign boundaries.

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“Issue 2 - Perspectives”

AUD 20.00

‘Perspectives’ embody a clash of opposing viewpoints and accepts that people will always have different perspectives of themselves, others and the world around them. But the nature of ‘Perspectives’ is such that the broad spectrum of opposing viewpoints indefinitely provides new insights and ways of thinking towards particular events and issues.

Featuring: Eugene Plotnikov, Luke Brown, Thomas Makes Stuff, James Geo Nunn, Freda Chiu, Chrissy Lau, Elena Schaedel, Jodie Hill at Kids Vanilla and many more

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