Kaleidoscope i — February 2015, #23


Founded in 2009 in Milan, KALEIDOSCOPE is the international art media company defined by its curatorial and interdisciplinary attitude towards the New. A combination of ambitious content and iconic design makes it a meeting point for contemporary art and creative communities around the world.

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  • 337 (87)
  • Four issues a year
  • Art
  • First issue 2009
  • ISSN 2038-4807

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HIGHLIGHTS: Jason Matthew Lee (by Alexander Shulan), Daniel Baumann (by Aoife Rosenmeyer), Marilyn Minter (by Gianni Jetzer), Magali Reus (by Ruba Katrib), Know Wave Radio (by Alexandre Stipanovich), Beatrice Gibson (by George Vasey), Catherine Ahearn (by Tobias Czudej), K-Hole (by Kevin McGarry), Jamian Juliano-Villani (by Joshua Abelow), Alessandro Bava (by Francesco Garutti), Zhao Yao (by Venus Lau), and Idea Books (by Xerxes Cook).

MAIN THEME: Natasha Stagg, Juliana Huxtable (by Andrew Durbin), Amalia Ulman (by Francesca Gavin), Judith Bernstein (by Hanne Mugaas), Massimiliano Gioni on “La Mamma” (with Pietro Rigolo), and Girls Like Us (by Felix Burrichter).

MONO: Ida Ekblad, Peter J. Amdam, Cory Arcangel, Sølve Sundsbø. Ida Ekblad

VISIONS: Tobias Zielony, “Jenny Jenny”; Mr.; “Chicago”: Barbara Crane and Tony Lewis; David Douard in Los Angeles; Jonas Wood; “Alliantecnik,” curated by Alessio Ascari; Timur Si-Qin, “Premier Machinic Funerary”; and Graham Little.

PRODUCERS: Carson Chan’s, Ballistic Architecture Machine, FUTURA 89+, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Simon Castets, Philipp Timischl; Andrey Bold.

PANORAMA: Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen talk to cult Swiss designers Trix and Robert Haussmann; and in the first instalment of RENAISSANCE MAN, Jeffrey Deitch celebrates the art of choreographer Karole Armitage.

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