Lemonade i — July/September 2018, #1


Lemonade is a magazine produced by Lodown.

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"Blazing sunshine permeates as you glide along the bike path with your friends in tow, wind blowing in your face that swishes your hair to and fro. The only thing on your mind is who will make it to the shop in time to order first. Carefree summer days spent in the park longing for it to never get dark. It’s the summer break before a whole new phase when you and your friends say things won’t be the same. The boys’ voices are cracking and the girls whisper to each other more often now with curves popping up in places only their mamas warned them about. Growing pains and the awkwardness of going through the coming of age brings on spots, funny sensations, and hair sprouting in places that beg the question - why there?

Summertime may still feel like this highly anticipated long stretch of laziness - but in actuality you just canalize your energy differently and go about things as you’d normally do. However, life seems a bit easier when you’re squinting in the the warmth of the bright yellow sun. You hustle just as hard but suddenly your routine seems to be filled with swimming strokes, ice cream and mastering the stay cool trick of the day. We want to take it easy this time so Lodown’s latest adventures into creative procrastination is titled “Lemonade“ - an aptly chosen variable for each and everyone’s favorite season.

Summertime used to last longer before you grew up - there was simply a lot of boredom to overcome, a task that is missing these days. Now, you get thrown so many different distractions all day - filling your mind with trashy brainwash - and soon your time is up. Summer is just gone in a millisecond - a flash in the pan kind of glimmering wonderfulness - over too soon. So we say get out! Read a book or a magazine without ever thinking about that blasted feedback loop that everybody’s after. At least on hot summer days nobody gives a fuck, even your money-driven boss is losing it. Drink lemonade, preferably homemade, not that sugar-drenched industrial shit, and wear sunscreen as Lee Perry said!

Yours truly, the truthers"

— from the website

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