La Petite Mort i — June/December 2014, #2

La Petite Mort

As designers and storytellers, we spend our days rapt in the creation of magical and passionate moments.

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USD 5.00 — Released 21 June 2014

B I R T H . What little choice we have about the whole affair. Thrust into this world with no warning, our clumsy selves amble around like the confused spirits they are until we reach a point of awareness. But throughout our lives, we are given choices at each of these points, these fabled crossroads. Choices that define ourselves. Whether aware or entirely oblivious of these occurrences, our decisions at these junctures create cascades of effects – ripples in our own seas of consciousness. Our lives are full of opportunities for rebirth.

The divination practice of astrology tells us that the great celestial body Saturn makes three transits within each of our lifetimes. At each transit, we’re given opportunities for significant change and rebirth. This issue of La Petite Mort will explore these seminal moments – seeking to understand, or perhaps simply enjoy the alchemy at play beneath the serendipity of our days.

Travel lightly and with wonder, for we can never be certain where our next rebirth will occur.

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