L'Allure des Mots i — November 2012, #8

L'Allure des Mots

Underneath the surface of rational thought, the human mind is shaped over a nucleus of emotion, feeling, and unreason.

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Poetry "Helen and the Suitor" by Marsha Singh and J.P. Christiansen "Petite Mort" by D.L. Pesavento "Bruises" by Ramona Evans "Trains" by James O'Sullivan "A Tendency Mistaken For Rapture" by Colin James

Fiction "Eyes That Said Don't Leave Me Here" by John Matthew Whalen "Nannycam" by Karley Bayer "Specter of the Repressed" by Andrew Olson "Mile 127" by Joseph Lambach "my angel rocks back and forth (ex-voto)" by Giacomo Lee "Tree Hugger" by Bobby Fox "CrabTown" by Zane Coker

Fashion and Beauty "Persephone, Past Curfew" photography by Bryan Benoit "Heat: An Ode to the Thermostat" photography by Sam Beasley "back when we didn't need coats" photography by Wolf189 "Oh, won't you meet me in the Indian summer?" photography by Xylux

Interviews Motohiko Odani

Film "Hamlet (Act V, Scene VII) by William Shakespeare" by L'Allure des Mots

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