Mapping Residencies i English edition — January/December 2015, #2

Mapping Residencies

An annual magazine specialising in artists’ residencies and contemporary art.

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This second issue of Mapping Residencies magazine aims to reopen the debate on what it means to work in a network within the field of art production: what is it that makes them effective? How can they generate increased artistic and social impact?

Moreover, to what extent does the artist’s need to establish contact networks tally with his/her work in the studio? How does it affect the creation process and the artistic validation system?

The magazine features articles, interviews and a discussion forum that offer an extensive range of views. Some of these are optimistic while others challenge or criticise the raison d’être and the workings of a network devoted to art creation and the meaning of the word “networking” within the contemporary art system.

In the final section, a directory lists the principal residency networks, information platforms and other related artistic/cultural networks.

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