NOUS magazine i — April 2013, #1

NOUS magazine

A Manchester based, self-published, magazine approaching issues around mental illness. Our aim is to promote open-mindedness in society, and help remove the stigma following people affected by depression.

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“The Insomnia Issue”

None 5.00 — Released 1 April 2013

Of course not everyone who is going through a phase of sleeplessness is also suffering from depression or another mental illness.

But we all have made this experience. Insomnia is just out of our control. We want to sleep, our body and our mind is aching for it. We lose control. We are devastated. Noone can help us. We can treat our insomnia with pills, but there is laying something deeper within that won’t just go away like that. Talking about this common phenomenon and dealing with our feelings and thoughts evolving from it we will set up a first bridge to the island of depression.

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